General Terms of Contract


About Inlernet

In which country is Inlernet Worldwide A.G. registered?

The company is registered in Schwyz Canton, in Switzerland, having its official seat is in the city of Wollerau.

Can the company registration data for Inlernet Worldwide A.G. be found on the Internet?

Yes, at
In addition, copies of the company registration documents can be accessed at a previously scheduled appointment time at Inlernet's Hungarian subsidiary at the office of Inlernet Hungary Partners cPlc. (14 Zivatar Str., 1024 - Budapest, Hungary).

Who are the founders of Inlernet?

The founder of Inlernet is the Inlernet Foundation.

When will the company start its international expan

The company's European expansion has started, the Inlernet-System will be available in additional countries shortly.

Is Inlernet Worldwide A.G. a registered company in Hungary?

No, only its subsidiary, Inlernet Hungary Partners cPlc., is registered in Hungary. Inlernet Hungary Partners cPlc. is a company that is engaged in customer service and marketing activities based on a contract of services, one that signs the contracts with the Product Partners.

Can a bigger media attention, large scale advertisement be expected of Inlernet?

Our Inlernet-System utilizes the best and most effective advertising method; word of mouth and the recommendation of satisfied clients. Advertisements shown in the media are very expensive and their efficiency is debatable; therefore, Inlernet opted for not utilizing them.

!!Is the Inlernet-System similar to pyramid schemes?

!!Definitely NOT, since pyramid schemes are considered illegal. By all means, Inlernet is only engaged in legitimate and fair activities, which comply with the applicable tax and all other regulations. There are no products involved in the case of pyramid schemes, and people make payments to each other. On the other hand, Inlernet deals with the distribution of products, the provision of services, and the issuing of purchase vouchers.

Is the Inlernet-System an MLM (Multi Level Marketing) system?

The Inlernet-System utilizes some positive aspects of the MLM systems; however, it also eliminates the disadvantages inherent in them. There are several types of commissions within the Inlernet-System, which cannot be found in one MLM system. The System is very complex in order to serve the complete and long-term satisfaction of its Frequent Shoppers; therefore, it cannot be compared to a typical MLM system.

What is the guarantee that the authorities will not prevent the operation of Inlernet in the future?

The Inlernet-System is operated by companies registered within a territory governed by European legal and taxing directives. The Hungarian taxing authority is very well-informed about the taxation of these companies and the organizational structure of the Inlernet-System is fully transparent to the authorities. The companies operating the Inlernet-System are obligated to report and pay their taxes in Switzerland and Hungary, in full compliance with all taxing and legal requirements imposed upon them. The Inlernet-System is operated by joint-stock companies with the close monitoring of various supervisory boards.

Registration, Referral

How can my friends register naming me as their referral?

1. They need to register online at under the registration menu option, for which they will need my Frequent Shopper ID and my e-mail address or name besides their personal information.
2. They will fill out the paper based Frequent Shopper statement, then I will register them at under the registration menu option, using the information provided in the Frequent Shopper statement.
3. I supply them with the URL address of my personal referral site (e.g.: and they will input their personal information there under the registration menu option. My Frequent Shopper ID and name will be automatically filled in.

What information are needed for the registration?

1. Name
2. Birth Date
3. ID number
4. Address
5. E-mail address
6. Tax ID number
7. The e-mail address, name or Frequent Shopper ID of the referring person

Can I modify the name of the referring person after my registration?

Yes, the conditions of such change are governed by sections 4.3 and 4.4 of GTC. In order to change the referring person you must fill out the Group-change request document.

!!Who and how can become a Frequent Shopper?

!!Any Hungarian citizen over the age of 14, who fills out and signs the online or paper based Frequent Shopper statement. For people between age 14 and 18, the information and signature of a legal representative is also needed.

Can customers register for Inlernet without a referral?

No. A referral is necessary for the registration.

Can Frequent Shoppers above me change the name of the person who referred me?

No, they cannot change the name of the person who made the referral, it can only be initiated by me. This measure serves as the foundation of Inlernet's fair business policy, and it is the base of the System's successful operation.

Can someone inherit my commission, Right or position in the Inlernet-System?

Of course. Such inheritances are governed by section 9.6 of the GTC. In accordance with the regulations and law pertaining to inheritances, my beneficiaries can inherit my Inlernet benefits; therefore, it is recommended for everyone to include it in their last will when making preparations of this nature.

Why have I not received a registration e-mail?

Inlernet automatically forwards the information to the e-mail address I have entered. If I have not received the email, I must have entered the wrong e-mail address, or there could be a problem with my e-mail service provider. I can always request a new password under the „Web Office Login” menu option.

Why is it that my friends cannot register under my information?

For a referring person's information (name, e-mail address, Frequent Shopper ID) the Inlernet-System will only accept data that is supplied during the registration of the person making the referral. If a person is unable to register under my information, it is because the data supplied does not match my information entered at the time of my registration.

I came upon Inlernet while surfing the Internet; therefore, I do not have any referral information available. How can I register?

In a message sent to, I supply the websites that led me to the Inlernet page. Then Inlernet's Customer Service Department will forward me the referral information necessary for the registration.

What companies do I sign a contract with when I become a Frequent Shopper or a Product Partner?

As a Frequent Shopper you will have an agreement wtih Inlernet Worldwide A.G., a company registered in Switzerland.
As a Product Partner you contract with Inlernet Hungary Partners, a closely held corporation registered in Hungary.

Can I register twice at Inlernet?

No, one customer may only register once in accordance with the GTC, and the Inlernet software also does not allow double registration. The contact people of Freqent Shopper companies cannot become Frequent Shoppers as private individuals. When shopping at Inlernet, a person's individual Frequent Shopper ID or that of its company can also be included on the invoice regardless of who the invoice is issued to. The System does not take into account the name of the party that the invoice is issued to. As a result, when making a private purchase the contact people of companies are able to take advantage of the discount using their company Frequent Shopper, and the same will apply to company purchases also the other way around.


How can I make a purchase and pay at the different Product Partners'?

Link: Purchasing Guide
Using any of the payment methods set forth in the Product Partner agreement between Inlernet and the Product Partner, which include the followings:
1. Cash
2. Bank card
3. Wire transfer
4. Inlernet Online Purchase Voucher
5. the Product Partner's own voucher

Payment methods can be found under the Product Partner's detailed information, marked with small icons. When moving the mouse cursor over the icons I can read which icon refers to which payment method.

How can I prove my purchases to Inlernet?

1. I ask the Product Partner to record my purchase information online in his or her own Product Partner Web Office under the "Frequent Shopper Entry" menu option using my own Frequent Shopper ID.
2. The Product Partner can also record my purchase information using his or her mobile telephone when visiting the website.
3. This data can also be entered in the excel file downloaded directly from the Product Partner's Web Office, which then the Product Partner must upload and forward to Inlernet once a month, by midnight on the 14th calendar day of each month, from his or her Web Office using the "Batch entry of Frequent Shopper purchases" menu option.

!!Why is it good to purchase from the Product Partners?

!!When making purchases - regardless of the actual amount I spend -, I can take advantage of Inlernet's ongoing discounts. The balance of my discount-account constantly increases, and with every 12,000 HUF accumulated I will receive a Right, which will help me get back as much as 66% of the money I spent. This way I can shop long term at the lowest possible price, even if I happen to pay more for the particular products at once. My purchase will make the Product Partners happy, and in return they will be likely to offer even more discounts to the customers. When making a purchase from the Product Partners, I support Hungarian merchants, and by doing so I will contribute to the improvement of the Hungarian economy, while also creating values

!!Is it only possible to spend all my Purchase Voucher commissions at once?

!!No, over 5.000 HUF I can order Purchase Vouchers in any amount, which I can use as payment with any Product Partner who accepts Purchase Voucher payments from customers. I will be allowed to spend my Purchase Vouchers all at once or in 5 different installements as per my choice

Who will compensate the Product Partner for the Purchase Vouchers that I order?

It will be paid by Inlernet using the money I paid to Inlernet's bank account, or from the commission I accumulated in the System.

Refunds, Commissions

!!What kind of refunds will I receive after my own purchases?

!!Frequent Shopper refund to my Commission Account, which is 10% discounted from the value of my gross purchases.
The 2nd column of the price discount table
The items listed in the Commission Account are transferred biweekly. 60% of the discount gets credited to my Price Discount Account, and if its balance reaches 12,000 HUF, I will receive a Right. Rights can generate further Right commissions for me.

What kinds of commissions will I receive after purchases made by others?

After the purchases made by Frequent Shoppers who belong to me, I will receive Referral refunds 4 levels down, which get credited to my Commission Account and equals 5% of the discount of the gross purchases.
Columns 3-4-5-6 of the Price Discount Table.
In addition, after a while the items posted to my Price Discount Account generate Rights for the Frequent Shoppers in my group, which are placed in my Right-tree and can generate Right commissions for me.

How many different refund and commission types exist in the Inlernet-System?

Link: Annex 1 of the GTC
1. Frequent Shopper refund
2. Indirect and direct Referral refund
3. Right commission
4. Referral commission and Referral commission difference
5. Career commission and Career commission difference
6. Owner-Director Pension
7. Owner-Director Referral commission
8. International Owner-Director Inlernet Dividend
9. Office funding
10. Auto financing
11. Product Partner referral commission

What kind of rewards will I receive at Inlernet?

In each case, my rewards get recognized in an objective manner, which is further explained in
Annex 1 of the GTC.
1. Silver badge containing the Inlernet logo
2. Golden badge with 2-7 brilliant stones containing the Inlernet logo
3. A Cross gold-titanium pen set
4. Inlernet laptop
5. Travel competition

How can I get information about my status in the current Travel competition?

As long as I'm ranked in the current Travel competition list, I will find it under the Downloads main menu in my personal Web Office, which I can download by clicking on it.

What does Inlernet use to pay the commissions and refunds?

The commissions received from Product Partners, as well as its own cash are used to cover the refund and commission amounts payable.

Why have I not received the refunds and commissions payable after my purchases?

The Product Partner has not transferred it to Inlernet. Product Partners usually receive their price discount invoices from Inlernet once a month, on the 15th of each month, and generally there is an 8 day due date associated with those invoices. The credit on my account should be expected afterwards. If the Product Partner fails to settle the price discount amount before the actual due date, he receives a payment reminder every 10 days, which is also communicated to the Referring Member of the particular Product Partner. If he fails to meet its payment obligation beyond those reminders, he will be automatically dismissed from the Product Partner circle. This decision and the reasoning is usually communicated to every Frequent Shopper via e-mail.

Purchase Vouchers, Down Payment, Rights

What is a Right?

Part of the price discounts from purchases that I made at the Inlernet Product Partners', which is credited to my Price Discount Account (60%). When it reaches 12,000 HUF, I will receive a Right. This Right makes me eligible for another type of right, the Right commission, which entitles me to receive back up to 66% of the money I spent on my purchases. The Right is a virtual performance measurement tool similar to the points one can accumulate in other systems. I can place my Rights next to each other within a binary system, which means that I can place another Right above and below each Right I have received. That is how I can develop a Rights-tree, the size and symmetry of which determine how large of a Right commission I can receive.

!!What is a Purchase Voucher Down Payment?

!!We can reserve the Purchase Vouchers necessary for our future purchases, which Down Payment can be a minimum of 12,000 HUF. Down Payments are governed by the Down Payment Regulations, which means they can be applied toward the purchase price of a Purchase Voucher; however, if I choose to withdraw from the contract, this amount will not be refunded to me.

What are the steps of a Purchase Voucher Down Payment?

In my personal Web Office, under the "Voucher Order" menu option I select a Product Partner, then I click on "Voucher Down Payment". From the six Down Payment options I choose the one that best suits my needs. Then using one of my Accounts I pay the amount necessary for the Down Payment of the Voucher. If there isn't enough money available in my Accounts, I have to transfer it to Inlernet's bank account prior to initiating my Voucher order. When making the transfer, I have to include my Frequent Shopper ID in the reference section. Once again, I accept the GTC stipulations in my Web Office, as well as those rules included in the separate statements, then I will receive a confirmation of the Down Payment via e-mail.

How can I order an Online Purchase Voucher?

In my personal Web Office, under the "Voucher Order" menu option I select a Product Partner, where I would like to make a purchase, then I click on the Online Voucher Purchase option. I enter the full amount of the requested Voucher and the name of the product or service I wish to purchase. Then using one of my Accounts I pay the amount necessary for the Voucher. If there isn't enough money available in my Accounts, I have to transfer it to Inlernet's bank account prior to initiating my Voucher order. When making the transfer, I have to include my Frequent Shopper ID in the reference section. Once again, I accept the GTC stipulations in my Web Office, as well as those rules included in the separate statements, then I will receive a confirmation of my Voucher order via e-mail. I can download the Voucher I ordered and paid for in my personal Web Office from the Download menu option.

How can I receive my Online Voucher?

I can download the Voucher I ordered and paid for in my personal Web Office from the Download menu option.

How can I make a purchase using the Online Vouchers?

I can print it in grayscale and make a simple payment with same as cash at the Product Partners'. Vouchers are redeemed at the same value listed on them; however, they can be used in even five separate payments using the coupons that appear on the right edge of the Voucher. Vouchers can only be redeemed at the Product Partner listed on the actual Voucher and the Product Partner will not give cash back from any of the Vouchers used.

!!Can I get back my Purchase Voucher Down Payment if I do not wish to make a purchase?

!!All Down Payments are regulated by the Hungarian Civil Code. Therefore, I cannot get it back when I withdraw; however, if Inlernet happens to be withdrawing party, it must pay twice of the amount I have paid. Down Payments can be added to at any time without a time constraint in accordance with the provisions of the GTC and its Annex 2 and can then be used for purchases. Meaning they can be applied towards the value of the Purchase Voucher ordered.

How and when can I make a purchase using my Purchase Voucher Down Payment?

At any time without a time constraint. I order Purchase Voucher in my personal Web Office, I put a checkmark next to Down Payment use and the Inlernet-System automatically calculates how much of my Down Payment can be applied toward the value of the Voucher. The amount of the Down Payment I can use always equals the amount that would be generated on my Price Discount Account after making a purchase with the Voucher. If I choose to use the Down Payment amount, there will be nothing credited to my Price Discount Account. The value of the Purchase Vouchers is at least 5,000 HUF, which can be used for purchases in several installments. Based on the instructions above, there can be more money added to the amount of the remaining Down Payment at any time, and it can be used for subsequent purchases.

!!When making a Down Payment, do I need to identify the Product Partner at which I will want to make my purchase?

!!According to the Hungarian regulations I must; however, when I choose to add more money to my Down Payment, I will have an option to change the Product Partner to a different one. It means I can request my Down Payment for any Product Partner, I will not be tied to make my purchase at the selected Product Partner as a result.

How can I pay Inlernet the amount of my Down Payment or the value of the Purchase Voucher?

1. I can deposit it directly into Inlernet's bank account at the financial institution handling it.
Important: Frequent Shopper IDs must always be referenced in the comment section!
2. I can also wire transfer the necessary amount to Inlernet's bank account.
Important: Frequent Shopper IDs must always be referenced in the comment section!

What do I need to reference in the comment section when making a wire transfer to Inlernet's bank account?

My Frequent Shopper ID must be referenced in the comment section!

What happens if I accidentally used to wrong Frequent Shopper ID when making a wire transfer or in person deposit?

I must promptly inform Inlernet about such instance at the e-mail address. If I fail to notify Inlernet in time, the transferred amount is likely to be credited to the wrong Frequent Shopper, or will not be credited at all. If my payment gets credited to another Frequent Shopper, I may only request my money back from that particular Frequent Shopper directly, as Inlernet will be unable to modify the credited amount.

If I order a Purchase Voucher for a particular Product Partner, how big of an amount does Inlernet transfer to the Product Partner's bank account?

From the face value of the Purchase Voucher I have ordered, the amount discounted with Inlernet's commission.

!!How can I make money from the Rights?

!!The Inlernet-System keeps count of the number of Rights. I can acquire Rights when making purchases, upon which there will be amounts credited to my Price Discount Account. If my Price Discount Account reaches 12,000 HUF, I will receive a Right. If the Frequent Shoppers underneath me make purchases and acquire Rights, they will also be added to my Rights-Tree to my already existing Rights and increase their total quantity as a result. I can also acquire Rights when making a Down Payment for Purchase Vouchers. There is no difference between the Rights acquired from purchases, and those I receive when making Down Payments, both Right types increase the number of total Rights in my possession. The symmetric growth of the Rights-Tree will result in my Rights commission. The size of my Rights-Tree can be increased by both my Referring Member's Rights, as well as by those of his or her acquaintances.
Link: Annex 1 of the GTC

What are the disadvantages I may face when I do not yet have any Rights?

I will not receive Rights commissions. If a Frequent Shopper acquires a Right before I do within the particular Inlernet-Class, then his or her Right will not be placed by me, but rather by the Referring Member above me, who will be able to put the Right next to his or her own Rights. It means I will not be able to make money from it, which will translate to a significant loss for me

Who will place the first Right of my Frequent Shopper in the Rights-Tree?

If I possess a Right within the particular class then it will be me. I will receive an e-mail notice about it and in my personal Web Office I can place it using the „Rights Placement, Credit” menu option. When I select the automatic Rights Placement option, then the Inlernet-System will automatically make the placement for me. If I do not possess a Right within the particular Inlernet-Class, then the Referring Member above me with Rigths within that particular Class my place the Rights

How can I order a Product Partner's own Purchase Voucher?

In my personal Web Office, under the "Voucher Order" menu option I select the Product Partner, where I would like to make a purchase then I click on the Product Partner Voucher purchase. I select the Voucher amount that best suits my needs, then I fill out the quantities. Then using one of my Accounts I pay the amount necessary for the Voucher. If there isn't enough money available in my accounts, I have to transfer it to Inlernet's bank account prior to initiating my Voucher order. When making the transfer, I have to include my Frequent Shopper ID in the reference section. Once again, I accept the GTC stipulations in my Web Office, as well as those rules included in the separate statements, then I will receive a confirmation of the Voucher purchase via e-mail. Inlernet then makes a central order of the Voucher from the Product Partner. As soon as Inlernet receives the Voucher, I will be sent an e-mail notification. I can pick up the Vouchers in person at the office of Inlernet's Hungarian subsidiary (Inlernet Hungary Partners, 14 Zivatar Street, 1024-Budapest, Hungary), or I can request it to be sent to my postal address via courier services upon making the necessary payment for such services. My Vouchers can also be picked up from the office by a person with a valid power of attorney.

Web Office

How can I log in to my Web Office?

At the website I click on the „Web Office Login” menu option, and once I receive the password and Frequent Shopper ID sent to me following my registration, I can use them to log in to the website.

Why can I not log in to my Web Office?

I may not enter the right Frequent Shopper ID or password, or perhaps I did not consider caps lock. If I enter the correct information, I will be able to log in to my Web Office just a few minutes after my registration.

What can I do if I forgot my Web Office password?

I can request a new, automatically generated password sent via e-mail under the „Web Office Login” menu option by clicking on „Did you forget your password?” and entering my Frequent Shopper ID and the e-mail address I used at the time of my registration.

What should I do if I forgot my Frequent Shopper ID?

I can request it by forwarding my name, e-mail address, address and personal ID number to the e-mail address.

How can I modify my information?

In my personal Web Office, under the Frequent Shopper Information Modification menu option.If I would like to change data, that cannot be changed in my Web Office, I can send a message to with my name, Frequent Shopper ID, address, personal ID number, and request the necessary information to be changed.

Where can I view the refunds, commissions and Rights I have had so far?

In my Web Office under the "Inquiries" menu option.

When and with what conditions does Inlernet transfer commission or refund to my bank account?

The accumulated commission which can be exchanged to cash (and which are credited to my Commission Account) are transferred on Mondays biweekly, or if it happens to be a holiday, then the following bank day, with two weeks of a shift in each case.
The two week shift means that on any particular Monday, it is always the commissions from before the preceding two weeks that are paid. The commissions accumulated within the two week period are transferred on the Monday two weeks later. The simpliest way I can determine the precise amount of the commission due two weeks later is if I check my Commission Account balance at the beginning of the Monday two weeks prior to the pay out date. This is the amount which will be transferred at most two weeks later on that particular Monday.
The transfer only takes place, if I previously requested it in my personal Web Office under the Frequent Shopper-Settings menu option and I assume the costs associated with the transfer. Transfer fees are always communicated in the current Fees announcement notice.
I can also determine how much money should remain in my Commission Account; therefore, I can also request an amount less than the amount that is transferrable to my bank account at most. The transfer will only take place, if the transferrable amount is 10,000 HUF or higher. Any amounts less than that are only transferred once a year, at the end of the calendar year.
Another condition of the transfer is that I supply a Hungarian bank account number in my Web Office under the Frequent Shopper Information Modification menu option

How can I unsubscribe from the newsletters if I do not wish to receive them?

In my Web Office I can unclick the checkmark next to newsletter under the "Frequent Shopper Settings" menu option. In addition, I can also find a hyperlink at the bottom of the newsletters, which can be used when I want to unsubscrube from them.

Is it worth it to register if I do not have any Internet contact information?

Yes. The Inlernet-System can be set for fully automatic, it is not necessary for me to enter my Web Office over the Internet. I will be credited the refunds and commissions even without it. In this case I will see the commissions and refunds in my bank account first.

Product Partner

Where can I find the Product Partners?

I can find the "Product Partners" button on Inlernet's website on the button line at the top of the site.
Link: Product Partners

How can I be a Product Partner Referring Member?

If I make my purchases through the Inlernet-System, have made a purchase at any of the Product Partners' using Online Vouchers, I have proven track records when it comes to referring Inlernet and I have participated in a referral training with a successful exam at the end, my referral status my be activated in my Web Office. In addition, a prerequisite of the referral training is that I must send an introduction letter along with my CV to the e-mail account

Why is it good to become a Product Partner Referring Member?

1. I can receive refunds in stores where I have already been making purchases and which I have registered as Product Partners.
2. If I have a Product Partner nearby, my friends will be more likely to register.
3. Product Partners to be will register with me to be Freqhent Shoppers; therefore, the number of Frequent Shoppers registered by me can increase significantly.
4. If Inlernet signs a contract with and records in the System the Product Partner I have recommended, then as long as I act as an active and helpful liaison during the Product Partner administration as per and on behalf of Inlernet, I will be entitled to a 1% discount offered by the Product Partner from the purchases I make at that particular Product Partner.
This amount is paid by Inlernet after every 10.000.000 HUF gross transaction volume of the Product Partner credited to the Commission Account in one amount, as long as I am eligible for it based on the above criteria.
If during the Product Partner administration I do not take an active and helpful part, or do not act as a liaison at all, I will forfeit my Referral commission in connection with the Product Partner I referred for good.

Where can I get information about the newest Product Partners?

I receive a list of the newest Product Partners in the newsletter sent to me every Friday night.
The full Product Partner list can also be downloaded from the newsletter.

Who can be a Product Partner and how?

Any company can become a Product Partner, as long as it meets the conditions and signs a contract with Inlernet Hungary Partners.
1. The number of Product Partners within any particular region cannot exceed 15% of the total number of stores within that segment, and the new prospect cannot be nearby the already existing Product Partners,
2. it must follow a fair business policy and practice,
3. a high discount amount offered,
4. precise commission payments,
5. good referrals from customers,
6. wholesale business practice,
7. at leas a 1 year previous operation
8. quality products and services,
9. flexible payment options,
10. long-term approach,
11. stable financial and moral foundations.

Can a company be a Product Partner if it sells products in several commercial segments (e.g.: hypermarkets, store chains, etc.)?

It is mainly companies involved in one segment can become Product Partners and those with a Hungarian clientele are at an advantage. Under unusual circumstances Inlernet may decide differently, as long as the market and the Frequent Shoppers' interest demands it.

Why is it good for me to become a Product Partner?

Link: Product Partner Benefits

Why is it good for me to be a Frequent Shopper when I am already a Product Partner?

Because that is how I can further refer the Inlernet-System and enjoy the full benefits provided by the System, meaning I can ear money from the amounts those customers spend who are registered under me.
Link: Product Partner Benefits

What do I need to do if I would like to refer a Product Partner?

I notify a Product Partner Referral Member I know or inform the Customer Service Office. (

As a Product Partner, why do I have to settle the Commission Account I got from Inlernet by a set due date?

Since Frequent Shoppers are eager to get back their refunds. It is something that boosts their satisfaction and they will become my regular customers. If I fail to transfer the amount listed on the statement prior to its due date, then the Inlernet-System will automatically ban me from the Product Partner group following a certain number of payment reminder notices sent, and it will also notify all Frequent Shoppers about this decision via e-mail, giving the exact reason of my rejection. It would be a very bad advertisement for me. Since Inlernet also transfers the value of the Purchase Vouchers linked to my account without any delay, it is only fair that I also make prompt transfers of the price discounts, without waiting for the last minute of their due date.

When and how will I receive an invoice from Inlernet as a Product Partner?

Monthly, weekly, or even daily, at the frequency set forth in the Product Partner agreement. In each case Inlernet forwards the invoice and a detailed proof of traffic volume via e-mail only; however, I can also download it personally from my personal Product Partner Web Office. Inlernet sends e-invoices, or electronic invoices to me. Electronic invoices are invoices generated and stored in an electronic form. The electronic invoice is attached to a .pdf file, to the invoice stored in an electronic format by Inlernet Hungary Partners Zrt. As an attachment, the .pdf document contains the electronic version of the invoice in an .xml format accepted by NAV. The .pdf document containing the .xml attachment is issued by Inlernet Hungary Partners containing a secure digital signature and a time stamp issued by certified time stamp services. As governed by the applicable law, the electronic invoice is only considered valid in an electronic format, which means I have to save the file containing the electronic invoice with a legitimate signature, in case of a NAV audit that is the one I will be asked to show as proof.
The electronic invoice is considered an official invoice, it is same as a paper based invoice; therefore, it is accepted in its electronic format for any kind of administrative purpose.
Similar to paper based invoices, all electronic invoices must be kept for 5 years in its original electronic format.
This way the mailing time of my invoices is shorter, the administration and mailing costs will be reduced, while it is also a safe and environment friendly method.

Is there any benefit I will enjoy if I refer Product Partners?

Yes, as I will be able to make my purchases for less money and it will also provide a good reason for Frequent Shopper prospects to register into my Frequent Shopper group. If the Product Partner prospect also registers to be a Frequent Shopper using my referral, then the number of people registered underneath me daily can increase significantly, because as a Frequent Shopper the Product Partner will also be interested to have its customers registered in the Inlernet-System.


How do I explain what Inlernet is in simple terms to my friends?

It operates a community of Frequent Buyers and the manufacture and distribution of purchase vouchers, which is key to the significant and mutual development of merchants.
The company and system presentation Inlernet® downloadable from the website provides considerable help.An alternative to that is Recommenders’ discussions.
I recommend that they listen to the presentation about frequent buyer advantages, whcih is in fact an audio book(Frequent Shopper benefits presentation).

What do I do if I want to place an Inlernet sticker on my car?

Send a message to the following e-mail addressinfo@inlernet.comindicating your intention and send a photo of the vehicle, its brand, type, year of manufacture, colour, the address of your recommender web page and mobile phone number.
Seeitt for details on the topic.

Why is it worth placing an Inlernet sticker on my car?

1. Credible presence and appearance
2. Familiarising friends and family with Inlernet
3. You may be awarded 1 Sticker Bonus Right every three months.
4. Strangers may get registered under me based on the sticker on my car.
5. Boosting confidence further.

Where can I get information on the date and location of upcoming events?

At the following web page under the „Training courses and events” menu.

How can I advertise and promote Inlernet?

Fundamentally, using your recommender web site (e.g.: or by word of mouth or by means of the Inlernet sticker on my car if such has been authorised. Any request for advertisements or promotion other than this must be discussed and authorised in writing submitting a detailed description of the intended advertisement or promotion sent

Why is Inlernet’s website occasionally unavailable?

Either inevitable seasonal maintenance or unscheduled maintenance is under way. After maintenance the website and your web office with unchanged or enhanced content are available.

If I have a question about the Inlernet to which I cannot find an answer in the FAQ section, who and where can I turn to for help?

Fundamentally, to your Recommenders or their Recommender. If you find the answer to be inadequate, the to Inlernet’s customer service at or dial +36 1 814-90-50. Each month a national event is organsied that you should attend because all the topical issues are addressed, you receive information on the most recent development and can have an overview of the entire system of Inlernet. This event is Inlernet Day.